Chicken – the most nourishing food

Chicken is now regarded as one of the important staple foods because it has low-fat protein and provides all essential minerals and vitamins. The importance of chicken as a staple diet can be highlighted from the fact that in Australia alone, consumption of chicken is estimated to be about $5.6 billion per annum. Chicken industry is rapidly growing both in rural and urban communities. The poultry farmers, chicken wholesalers and retailers have been contributing to the growth of poultry industry.

Factors governing the industry:

In the entire spectrum of poultry industry, chicken wholesalers play a crucial role. One of the essential elements in this industry is about creating a hygienic environment for the chicken. In addition to this, other issues like the type of feed, routine check up about the health of the chicken are some of the essential issues that require elaborate planning and execution.

Look for best breeds:

The success of poultry industry depends on the quality of chicken that is supplied to the market. As you know, chicken is available in different breeds; like, for example, Dorking, Brahma, Ancona to name a few of the popular breeds. Obviously, it implies that chicken wholesalers should buy chicken of the best known breeds. They should buy them from reputed farms having chicken of superior quality. Some of the unique features of services provided by the wholesalers of chicken could be further explained as follows:

·        It is said that nearly 40% of the chicken meat goes to chicken wholesalers. Almost equal percentage of chicken meat is frozen and sent to supermarkets. The remaining 20% goes to restaurants and food joints. This highlights the unique role played by the wholesalers of chicken.

·        Some of the wholesalers buy unprocessed chicken because it has a lower price tag. However, such cheap chicken wholesalers should not bargain on the quality of chicken. Some of them even establish their own processing units. However, it should be ensured that the processing units have all the modern equipment. The processing of chicken should be done under hygienic conditions. Further, it should also be ensured that the chickens bought from the hatcheries are in good health.

·        The wholesalers must buy the chicken from reputed hatcheries. Further, the wholesalers should have sufficient facilities for storing the chicken. They must also ensure the chickens are securely packed before they are sent to the retail units. In fact, some of the wholesalers use vans with freezer faculties to transport the chickens. It would be the most appropriate method to ensure that the end user gets chicken of superior quality.

Browse to find affordable chicken:

Globally, there has been a consistent increase in the demand for chicken. This is because of the nutritious value present in it.  You may wonder such a situation may lead to an upsurge in the cost of chicken. In spite of increase in the demand, you can find chicken wholesalers who would be able to offer you superior quality chicken at an affordable price tag. Just spend some time and browse, and you will be able to find such wholesalers.