Cat Care 101: Travelling and Your Cat

How hard can it be, right? Just stick your cat in a carrier and drive around. As we all know, cats can be very persistent and stubborn when it comes to changing locations because they are the type to be content with just chilling out in their own comfy corner every time. But there are instances where you need to travel and you can’t leave your precious pet to just any cat boarding Sydney or any part of Australia has today. Fortunately, proper preparation is the answer to make for you and your pet’s perfect vacation or travel together. Here are some basic practices that you need to know on how to travel with your cat without any stress:

Preparations Before the Trip

·         Pack every basic necessity for your cat including plastic food and water bowls, favorite cat toys and food, kitty litter and scoop, catnip and bottles of your own tap water in a box. If you’re planning on just putting your pet in any cat boarding in NSW or any part of Australia, then you don’t need to bring the following as the carers already provide these necessities.

·         Ask your trusted vet about the facts on your destination with your cat. Specific requirements like vaccination, weather types, and the diseases prevalent there are information you must know so you can be prepared. Also, in air travel, you need to have a health certificate for your cat. Make sure to ask this from your vet.

·         You need to prepare a leash and cat carrier that is comfortable for your cat. It must be well-ventilated and big enough since cats are prone to motion sickness. It is also cruel to not mind the situation of travel for your cat. It can cause them to get very agitated that you will wish that you should’ve went and put your cat in any cat boarding Sydney has today for your pet’s well-being.

·         Make sure you search your next location for emergency vet clinics and hotels that allow cats. You can also explore places with cat boarding Sydney or any locations has so if you need to have a meeting for a few days, you can let your cat stay there instead of your hotel room. Also ask on the specific deposits or charges, weight restrictions, rules on having your pet in the room and the number of animals allowed.

Land Travel

·         Feed your cat about four hours before you hit the road. The possibilities of motion sickness will make them vomit if the food they ate hasn’t settled yet.

·         We all know that our cats have preferences with their toys and beds. That is because the familiar smell of home is present. Even those cheap cat boarding in NSW services require the cat owners to bring things that remind them of home. Bring that old blanket and stuffed bear for your cat to lounge in for them to feel more comfortable in leaving.

·         Place the cat carrier where your cat can still see you. Make sure it’s secured tightly so as to not lurch forward and move often while you stop and drive.

·         Never, and we mean never ever leave the cat inside the car unattended even just for a few minutes. If you really must, open the car windows, but do not let them out of the carriers.

Sky Travel

·         Get to know the policies and the limitations of the airlines when it comes to bringing pets. It is quite preferable to let your cat be with you on a plane instead of the cargo area.

·         If it can’t be helped and your cat is placed in the cargo, make sure you inform the airline personnel so they can look out for your cat there in case of delays and emergencies.

If there aren’t any available NSW cat boarding services in your locality, you can always bring your pet cat to travel with you. Travelling with your beloved pet can seem daunting, but when you’re prepared enough, you and your cat can have a wonderful vacation time ahead without any worries.