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Parents of Leaning Tree Canine Kids


Parents of Leaning Tree Canine Kids

For people that have adopted their canine kids from Gina at Leaning Tree

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I'll start it off with one of Bosley. Please add and update frequently!

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Welcome! 1 Reply

Welcome all Leaning Tree parents!  Please bear with me, as I am what my family laughingly calls technologically impaired.  I would like for this to be a place where families that have adopted from…Continue

Started by Elizabeth Bosley. Last reply by Brandy Overcash Feb 21, 2014.

Training Our Cavalier Kids 4 Replies

Hello all!  I thought I'd start a discussion on training our Leaning Tree Kids.  As I've said, I'm going to start Bosley on obedience training next month.  I was just wondering (since I really have…Continue

Tags: help, rally, agility, obedience, training

Started by Elizabeth Bosley. Last reply by Tina andrews Jun 30, 2010.

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Comment by jan kaliszeski on June 18, 2014 at 5:22am
Beware of the summer heat! My BFF has two cavaliers. She was in her backyard yesterday and her 2 yr old cavalier was running along her fence chasing dragonflies. After about 10 minutes he was laying in her doorway suffering what appeared to be heat stroke. She immediately wet his paws and ears and cooled him down, then let him drink water. He recovered quickly.
Comment by Amanda Varga on October 16, 2010 at 4:58pm
Hey Ladies~ Tina please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and if you need to talk I am always here for you. Well life is rather crazy... Puppies will be 9 weeks tomorrow and one of our beloved is going to his new home on Tuesday as Joel and I will be meeting them in Orlando. I can't believe it has been 9 weeks already. Yes they have been alot of work but it is so... rewarding and I just love them so much. Gina just had 2 litters and we will be getting another one I can't wait. Tina as far as Lori having accidents before her heat cycle Addy went through that and she even wet on our bed too.. well guess what Addy is in heat yet again Luck me! I know that breeding is not for everyone and if it was not for Gina I would have gone completely gray and lost what little mind I have I am so thankful for her. Well Joel is coming home late tonight and I spent all day today at the fall festival and we are going again tomorrow so I better get off of here and get some stuff done. If you ladies want to look at our beautiful puppies our website is I hope you ladies have a great night and Elizabeth we need to catch up soon I miss you. Tina keep your head up everything will work out. Cavalier Hugs~
Comment by Elizabeth Bosley on October 16, 2010 at 7:08am
Tina ~ I can only imagine the stress you're under. Know that my thoughts are always with you, and if you ever need someone to talk to that is totally "Switzerland" I'm here for you. :) I think, under the cercumstances, getting Laurie spayed is the best thing. I havent' gone through it personally, but after what Amanda went through (and is still going through) with Addy, and the stories other friends that have pups have told me, things get tons worse before they even think about getting better. I know the little female Jack/Rat next door tries everything she can to get to Boz. And he's young enough, he's not even interrested, lol! After thinking about it and thinking about it and thinking about it, I really don't know if I want a female in the spring or not. I work such crazy hours, and I really don't want to put such a huge responsability on Ryan as he's the one that is home the most. I'm trying to convince Ed of this fact, and I think I've just about got him to the point of understanding where I'm coming from. I would LOVE to have another Cav pup, but I think another male is the way to go. Get Boz fixed and the new pup (if we get one) fixed also. I think that would solve the pottying in the house issue as well. And, trust me, it's a HUGE issue! As a matter of fact, as I'm sitting here typing this, Ed is upstairs cleaning our bedroom carpet! Ah, well, as Tina said "C'est la vie"! I wouldn't give up my poopy puppy for anything :)
Tina ~ do you have facebook? Amanda and I have been talking alot on there; it would be nice if you were there too :) Talk to you soon!
Cavalier Hugs ~ Elizabeth
Comment by Tina andrews on October 16, 2010 at 1:18am
thx ladies, I am feeling overwhelmed right now, have had to spend a lot of time at my mothers, she has lost so much weight. Our pets are lots of work, they are a source of comfort, my husband likes me home so the household stays organized, 5 dogs requires lots of order or all hell breaks loose. lol With the 3 cavis in the bed we are often losing sleep, that darn Percy is just like a cat, hopping off and on, always wanting affection. Lori has been puddling everywhere in the house lately, once on our bed, I don't understand why she is suddenly behaving this way. I wonder if it has something to do with her upcoming heat, I will be taking her for a check-up, have scheduled a spay operation this coming week. I have decided under the circumstances, I will not have the time to commit to the care of a litter of pups and mom. If I need to be there for my mother, she is stable for the time being, but it is a struggle for her, and she refuses to have a nurse come into her home to help. It is the fear of losing her independence, scares her more than facing her illness. I simply can't be in two places at one time, it is a shame, Lori is so the femme fatale, loves attention from the boys, lol, I know she would make a great mom, she seems so maternal, but she is a happy little thing, so I sure she will adjust and remain so. After her last heat back in May I noticed she became quite depressed for a month or so, she did go thru a phase, the clinical term, is a false pregnancy, her mammory glands were developed as if she were pregnant. Well, I know Percy will be dissapointed in the change in his mate, they have become so close, hate to separate the king from his queen. As you well know Amanda it requires lots of your time and dedication breeding a pair, not to mention emotionally taxing, rearing the pups together with the mom then finding new homes for them, separating them from mom, I imagine your getting attached to pups, each with their little personalities surfacing. Your so lucky, how old are they now. Anyhow I feel emotionally drained helping my mother cope and deal with all the issues, so had to think over plans and considerations on breeding the pair, they would need watching, you found that out the hard way, I could,t rely on my husband, if I am away from home, slip-ups can happen, determined little Percy will find a way, and I would not be prepared for any accidents at this time, and can't be in two places at once, too bad, I mentioned to different people in my neighborhood I may have pups in future, they were very interested, they always get compliments on what an attractive couple they make. C'est la vie, such is life. Well, thx for caring ladies, happy sewing Elizabeth, I don,t even want to think about xmas yet, halloween is the next holiday, all kinds of cute costumes for doggees, lol Cavalier hugs
Comment by Elizabeth Bosley on September 20, 2010 at 4:13pm
Evening Ladies! Pretty mellow here in Iowa. Normal hours at work for the next couple weeks, YAY! Nothing special going on family wise (I don't think, lol). Boz, Nala and Ryan are well. Ed's wonderful - even if we were a little disappointed we couldn't go to the last weekend of the Renaissance due to rain :( Oh, well. I've asked for a sewing machine for Christmas, so that gives me all winter to come up with some fantastic costumes for next year's faire! I've seen tons of georgeous patterns on e-bay, I just don't know if my meager sewing skills are up for it, LOL! Hope you all have a terrific week! Cavalier Hugs ~ Elizabeth
Comment by Amanda Varga on September 19, 2010 at 12:12pm
Hey Ladies~ Life is crazy here in Florida. Puppies are getting big one of them has a hurt leg but he is improving so I am sure he will be fine. I need to post pictures of them but I have been so busy. Tina, Please let me know if you need anything, I know it is hard going through radiation treatments and know that your mom and your family are in our prayers. Well I started a new class this week and with the kids and their activities oh and the puppies I often don't know if I am coming or going. I hope all is well with all of you and please keep in touch. Elizabeth~ Every night I have someone waking me up just to give me kisses usually Addy so I know what you mean. Well I need to be writing a paper so I guess I should get off of here. Cavalier Hugs~
Comment by Elizabeth Bosley on September 18, 2010 at 7:27pm
Evening Ladies! Tina ~ best wishes to your mom from Iowa :) As you drink your pinot noir, we just finished off a bottle of locally made wine called La Crosse. All we know about it is it's a white table wine, very sweet, and very addictive! This is the first wine we have found that we actually liked, and we found it of all places at the Renaissance Faire! And I think it would go very well with pizza, LOL!
Last night I got a rude awakening in the middle of the night; little Boz decided to jump into bed with us. Which would be fine, if he wasn't jumping ON MY FACE to do it, lol! I said a few swear words, and Ed woke up trying to figure out what was wrong :) Goofy kid!
Well, we're in the middle of a movie, I just thought I'd check in. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! Cavalier Hugs ~ Elizabeth

Oh, BTW, Gina sent me a pic of her new grand baby ~ adorable!
Comment by Tina andrews on September 18, 2010 at 6:16pm
Evening ladies, I am spending the weekend with my mom, she is feeling much stronger after receiving her radiation treatment last week, we went for a walk today, picked up some things from dollerama, our fav store, lol. everything for a dollar. She lives by the lakeshore, lake Ontario, spectacular view of the water and the city from her 17th floor apt. building. This neighborhood is so different from where I live, the city is so alive. I love all the little shops, their is this very quaint little bookstore, with an in-house cat. Thank you Elizabeth for your support. I know what you mean, my percival is the love of my life right now, I hated leaving him, he was looking out the window as I was leaving with a forlorn look. When I get home it will be him that lavishes me with hugs and kisses, my husband, well lets just say, my cavipoo Daisy is his sweetheart now, lol. Be thankful your Ed is still jealous. I was pondering love and life myself, while enjoying my pinot noir and pizza, very complimentary, C'est la vie. translation, "Such is Life." Well, they are so darn cute, hopping around our own leather couch, how can you not fall in love. Percy is on the small side, he is 17 lbs. while his mate Lori is a little lanky, She is funny, she is a little on the clumsy side, we call her the Southern belle, she loves to lounge on the outdoor recliners. One time her and Percy were lounging together, Lori fell off and stumbled to the ground, I swear Percy gave her a look of disgust as if to say, "That my dear was not very dignified, hmpfff." ROTFLOL. Well, have a good one, Cavalier hugs and kisses
Comment by Elizabeth Bosley on September 17, 2010 at 12:41pm
Afternoon ladies! Sorry I haven't been checking in here, but I have a new love... FB! I know, I know! It's taken me this long to convince Ed that it's not just a place for people to "hook up" if you know what I mean. But all is well here in the Bosley household. Boz is HUGE!!! All legs! I think the last time we went to the vet to pick up his vaccination records, he weighed like 15 lbs! And he's not quite 7 months old yet! He's not fat, by any means, just long an lean. You should see him rabbit hop across the furniture! We have a giant sectional couch with a huge ottoman, and he bounces from the couch to the ottoman and back again. It's hilarious! Well, hope all is well with everyone, and I'll try to check in soon! Cavalier Hugs ~ Elizabeth
Comment by Elizabeth Bosley on September 12, 2010 at 4:23am
Good Morning Ladies! Holy crow, talk about a good time at the Renaissance Faire yesterday! The best part was before we even left the house; Ryan had no idea we had bought costumes, and when we came down the stairs dressed you should have seen his eyes bulge out and his jaw drop!!! Just that look alone was priceless! He of course told me I looked great ( I trained him well, lol), but he asked Ed why he was wearing a skirt! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Then, when we got to the faire and saw that almost everyone was dressed, well that was a different story! He has decided that he wants to be a wizard for next year :P Our oldest daughter and her two boys showed up around noon, and as soon as our 7-year-old grandson saw us he was like, "You guys look like dorks!". OMG, you should have seen the heads turn on that one! His mom shushed him, but people were looking at her like they didn't even want them to come in if her kid was going to act that way. But, by the time we left at 6 yesterday evening, he had completely changed his tune! He got to duel with "swords" (inflatables wrapped in duct tape to look real, lol), play miniature golf, darts, knife throwing and a whole bunch of other things. And (I know it sounds terrible but...) he did all those things and Ed, Chrysta and I didn't even have to leave the pub! We could watch Ryan and Devan do everything they wanted to do, and they loved their independance of being able to go off on their own to do things :)
Amanda ~ I'll get some pictures sent over to you. If you ever get a chance, you really need to go! We are having such a blast!
Tina ~ So sorry to hear about your mother. Our thoughts are with you. Keep your chin up, and remember we are always here for you if you need to talk.
Cavalier hugs ~ Elizabeth

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