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Hi all! I was hoping you might have some advice for a good dog bowl for my Cavalier. Since he has those adorable floppy ears, his ears are always soaked and in need of a good brushing after he drinks water. Any know any good water dishes for our floppy-earred friends?

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I just saw your post and wanted to share info on THE best dog food/water bowl around. Cindy Koehring makes Spaniel Bowls that keep those beautiful long ears out of the food and water. Visit Cindy's site at I can't imagine going back to a regular bowl, my girls ears stay dry and food free. And, you won't have to hide the bowls when company comes, they are absolutely beautiful!
I agree, regarding Cindy Koehring's bowls, both for water and food, particularly, if you feed wet or RAW food. They're beautifully designed - the colors are gorgeous, and there are many from which to choose, as well as different sizes. I love them all, and so does my dog! Go to her site, as listed in the other email, and check out the snoods, as well!
Cindy makes beautiful bowls, check out her site at

They really keep the ears clean and dry too!
Cindy's bowls are beautiful. Excellent workmanship. You can't go wrong with her bowls. Go on her website and check them out. You won't be sorry
Hi, we have found a solution.  We put a small water bowl on a narrow stool and when he driniks water his ears hang over the side.  The stool is a small rubbermaid plastic stool about 8 inches high.

Oh I love spanielbowls! I actually got one for my king charles spaniels. But I am also an avid fan of Dog Supplies. They even have personalized bowls!

Marjorie E. MacKay said:

Cindy makes beautiful bowls, check out her site at

They really keep the ears clean and dry too!
I agree with the spaniel bowls, however they can be rather expensive. I recently bought 3 for $20 from Ebay. They are unbreakable plastic, and come in a variety of colours

Hi all!  There are some great bowls for spaniels on etsy....PotterforPets.  I love Cindy's bowls and have a set, but these bowls on etsy are less expensive.  I haven't ordered yet, but plan on it soon.

I just ordered a water and food set from etsy .. PotteryforPets ..... they are spaniel bowls and specifically made for these fabulous dogs to keep the ears dry.  

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