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I have an 11 week old CKCS and she was weighed the vet yesterday at 6.9 lbs. She looks quite trim. I'm concerned that she's going to be huge and not be able to fly on planes under the seat once full grown. Any thoughts? How big were your pups at 10,11,12, or 13 wks? I couldn't find growth charts online for different ages. Thanks.

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You cannot always predict how large your Cavalier will be full grown by their size as a puppy. It is now 2 and a half months since this posting, so I presume your puppy will now weigh more than on April 20. Puppies grow at different rates. You might buy a very small pup, and find when full grown it will be an average size. This was the case with my female Lucy. I brought her home at 8 weeks of age. She weighed only 1.4kgm, or about 3 lbs. She was the runt of the litter. I presumed that by the time she was an adult, she would be very small. She is almost 4 now, and an average sized Cavvie. My daughter also bought her Cavalier from the same breeder one year later. He was an average size, just over 4 pounds at 8 weeks. Now he is almost 3 and full grown, he only weighs about 12 pounds. Cavaliers can grow quite large, some can remain small. To answer your question, at 12 weeks my female Lucy was 2.1 kgm, so she grew quite fast. My boy Freddie, that I bought 5 weeks before Lucy was 2.6 kgm at 12 weeks of age. I kept a record on their growth every week for 6 months, just to compare. I'm finding it hard to convert. I know there are 2.2lbs in a kilo. I live in Australia, and we weigh in kilos. Hope this is helpful
thank you. i will weigh my pup and post later.

My lucie was seven points at three months old. At four months she was eleven pounds at four months she was thirteen pounds at almost five months she is sixteen pounds. But, she is slim looking and healthy. the normal weight range is anywhere from 12 to 18 pounds i'm assuming that she is going to be a little bigger than average. But, I believe carry-on luggage limit is around twenty-five pounds. Which would be a pretty overweight cavalier. I wouldn't worry too much just yet.

Not Sure but at much older he is6kg ! Is she definitely pure cav ?

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